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Mobile Friendly Web Design in Cornwall

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100% MobileOK
With the ever growing use of mobile phones in everday business today, is your website mobile friendly?

Now that smartphones are becoming more prevalent with larger screens and better facilities, isn't it best that you provide your visitors with the very best experience that your website can offer them on a smaller screen?

Smartphones can display a normal desktop website, but this doesn't mean that your existing website is mobile ready. Many things need to be taken into account when developing a mobile friendly website:

 Visiting context
Where will your visitors be viewing your website?
 Data transfer
Every kilobyte costs money to your readers!
 Simplify your code
Simply your code, reduce processing power, save your visitors mobile batteries!
 Reduce your images
Smaller and fewer images, quicker to download.
 Cache your website
Help your visitors view your site again and again.
Will all devices play videos? More processing power means more battery usage!
 Understand your content
What content is best for your visitors on a mobile device?

Is your website mobile ready?

Have a look at your own website on a mobile device, does it look correct, are the images in the right places, does it download quickly or are you left waiting for the page to download? Does it provide you with the most important information quickly can you navigate the site with just your thumb? Most importantly, can you guarantee that your site works well on all mobile devices?

We can redesign your current desktop website to be 100% compliant MobileOK, meaning your visitors receive the best mobile viewing experience on the greatest number of mobile devices.


Contact Cornwall Celtic Web Design today to discuss your future mobile friendly website.

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